Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What is Lifetime Warranty

What is it?

Lifetime warranty is a marketing tool that translates to a sales and gross tool and then to a customer retention tool.

First of all, our Lifetime Warranty product is a true warranty, it is Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act compliant, ( It is backed by a 140 year old company that has more that 22 Billion in assets.

Lifetime Warranty was originally developed for a one of the Largest Volume Toyota dealers in the USA, they were seeing that Hyundia was gaining market share with the 10 yr/100k mile warranty.

Once it was launched they saw HUGE results.

Traffic Increased
Sales Increased
VSC penetration Increased
Pre-Paid Maintenance Increased
Service Customer Retention increased

"Lifetime Warranty" is a Full Dealership Solution.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009


(To those of you that have strict municipal restrictions regarding outdoor signage – in this week’s message, please disregard any reference to doing something you’re restricted from doing but please, consider what possibilities exist!)

We all drive through our communities and observe local businesses as we’re passing them. Some businesses make valiant efforts to make us turn our heads away from texting and eating our lunch while we’re driving. They posture great services and offers. Try to entice the dollars from our wallets. But what better offer than “Lifetime”? Lifetime Warranty, more than anything else is a “branding” message – getting the message out that you’re different to drive traffic; You’ve got an offer like no others. So the question is, “When potential new Customers drive by, Would They Know you have Lifetime Warranty?

One of our valued business partners, Kenny Thomas’ Olathe Toyota, is hamstrung by local municipality ordinances. Because they can’t “hang banners” on the building or light poles, they use a creative sign that is on a bumper hitch device they pop in and out of a Tundra hitch near the road. Below you’ll see some other examples for outdoor branding: The customer shuttle at Riley Toyota and a creative truck bed sign plus the light pole banner and bumper insert at Toyota of Greensburg. One of our great Lifetime partners, Toyota of Bowie, isn’t blocked by the local ordinances – it’s a Lifetime Warranty extravaganza on their lot! The light poles, on the building, the perimeter fence facing the highway, on the vehicles – you REALLY know they have it!

Recently we went to one of our partners and discovered Lifetime was such a great idea the Honda store next door implemented an inferior knock-off Lifetime program. Even though that program doesn’t hold a candle to the original, (Ours!) the Honda store DID have good branding representation on their inventory. Remember when we launched your dealership we gave you an initial supply of Lifetime Warranty vehicle window stickers. If you need to order and buy more, please contact me. Take a look from the outside in – drive by the store – walk the lot – Would you know?

Monday, May 18, 2009

Our Lifetime Warranty is a true warranty

Our Lifetime Warranty is a Magnasen-Moss compliant.

Your customers can have their vehicle repaired at any licensed repair shop in North America.

It is not a "Loyalty" Program.

Our dealers are seeing an increase in traffic, sales and gross.

It works in concert with your current F&I provider, no need to make a change.

We have found that VSC, Maintenance and other finance procuct volume increases, not decreases, which many people think would happen. The reason is that your customers have a heightened awarness of taking care of their vehcile to protect their invenstment.

Our dealers see an increase in service retention and customer repair orders.

What are you waiting for... contact me today... make your June the largest June in your history, it can happen for you... just like it is happening for our other dealers.

Titan is standing by to assist.

David Farmer

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Don't take my word for it, contact one of our dealers

John Marazzi Nissan, John Marazzi 239-292-4061
“Michael Martin and his team delivered when it counted the most. When I ran Ft Myers Toyota, their products coupled with training and support helped me add over a million dollars to the bottom line. When I bought my Nissan store they were the first people I called. I strongly suggest you talk to them.”

Greensburg Toyota, Dan Owens 724-309-5846
“Titan’s team has had a positive impact on every department in our dealership. The finance department is menu compliant and up $250,000.00 year over year through September 2008.”

Taylor Toyota, Louie Herron 678-409-2985
“Titan’s training and support is first class. When they are in my dealership, their professionalism and coaching has helped us in a challenged market.”

,Kenny Thomas Olathe Toyota, Kenny Thomas 913-780-9919
“Don’s team is the best I have ever had call on my store. Our first month on Lifetime Warranty set a 15 year sales record for us. No doubt in my mind Lifetime Warranty is the real deal. The training and support has definitely helped us sell more cars and increase gross”

Greensburg Toyota Hyundai, Dan Owens Owner 724-309-5846
“Lifetime Warranty has had a positive impact on every department in our dealership. Our second month on the program we set a record for the city of Pittsburgh with the most Toyota’s ever sold and we are 60 miles outside the city.”

David Farmer
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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lifetime Warranty Success Story

“I’ve sold 2 vehicles recently to customers I sold cars to just before we launched Lifetime Warranty – both because they bought cars from me before we had it! I traded a 2008 Avalon with 1800 miles on it and a 2009 Corolla with 4800 miles on it. (Pictured below with Willie) The Corolla Customer came in for service, found me in the showroom and scolded me saying, “You didn’t tell about the Lifetime Warranty when I bought my car!” I responded by telling him, “We didn’t have it when you bought your vehicle!” He said, “Well how do I get it?” I told him, of course, that he had to trade – so he did! Lifetime Warranty is great!

Are the Salespeople working the Service Drive?

Checking repair orders for selling opportunities?

Working their owner base to let everyone know about Lifetime Warranty?

Working the Orphan Owner database?

Willie will tell you, “It works!"

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David Farmer
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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Capture 100% of your customer's email addresses

Keys are expensive to replace, eCapture offers a way for your customers to get their keys back... While building a valuable eMail database! eCapture is a revolutionary new product that will will give you a way to collect 100% of your customer's emails and automatically communicate with them for 36 Months.

The best way to get something is to give something. eCapture is the first fully automated key recovery service developed specifically for the automotive industry.

Upon activation eCapture automatically captures your customer's email address.

Millions of people loose their keys everyday, but eCapture helps your customers get their lost keys back.

Automatically send...

-Thank you email with custom embedded video

-Unsold service contract reminder

-Service reminders, every 4 months

-Plus custom dynamic advertising emails

Contact me today to schedule a 20 minute online presentation for eCapture.

David Farmer
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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The deals we deliver to customers from Iowa still amazes me! Do you realize that’s more than 100 miles away?

Riley Toyota has had significant success with Lifetime Warranty and especially in the used car arena. Market share has grown for them and Kevin will tell you the driving force is Lifetime Warranty. Lifetime Warranty trumps the certified programs in your market and gives you the ability to offer more to your customers than the competitors warranties do. If you had a choice to buy a certified Nissan Maxima at the local Nissan store with a 7 year 100,000 mile warranty or the same vehicle from the local Toyota or Honda store for $300 to $400 less (difference between the cost of Lifetime and certified) and get a Lifetime Warranty. The choice is simple. Rocky at Goodson Honda is always finding great ways to promote Lifetime Warranty. The Lifetime Warranty Club Members are posted on the showroom floor. Greg Jones sales manager at Goodson North says “The customers love participating in this and it invites potential members to join up!”

Interview with Riley Toyota 800-88-RILEY

Titan Dealer Group: What has been the impact in your store as it relates to sales?

Riley Toyota: "Since we have implemented Lifetime Warranty, we have sold customers that never would have traveled as far as they did to buy. We have pulled customers as far south as Springfield Missouri, and as far North as Iowa! We consistently receive phone calls from customers a lot farther away then we ever did before.”

Titan Dealer Group: What other facets of your business have been impacted by LIFETIME WARRANTY?

Riley Toyota: "At first it was a little uncomfortable for our finance managers to sell in conjunction with Lifetime Warranty. They are now averaging more money per deal then they ever have before!"

Titan Dealer Group:
Any specific SUCCESS STORIES you would like to share with the other dealers?

Riley Toyota: "The deals we deliver to customers from Iowa still amazes me! Do you realize that’s more than 100 miles away?"

Titan Dealer Group: What was your biggest challenge?

Riley Toyota: "Most people can’t figure out how we can give them something like this, but they understand that it is a great value, especially for someone who plans on keeping their car for a long time."

Contact me today to schedule a 20 minute online presentation for Lifetime Warranty.

David Farmer
c: 727.514.2097 |f: 813.254.2308 |LinkedIn | |1902 W. Kennedy Blvd. - Tampa, Fl 33606