Thursday, April 23, 2009

Capture 100% of your customer's email addresses

Keys are expensive to replace, eCapture offers a way for your customers to get their keys back... While building a valuable eMail database! eCapture is a revolutionary new product that will will give you a way to collect 100% of your customer's emails and automatically communicate with them for 36 Months.

The best way to get something is to give something. eCapture is the first fully automated key recovery service developed specifically for the automotive industry.

Upon activation eCapture automatically captures your customer's email address.

Millions of people loose their keys everyday, but eCapture helps your customers get their lost keys back.

Automatically send...

-Thank you email with custom embedded video

-Unsold service contract reminder

-Service reminders, every 4 months

-Plus custom dynamic advertising emails

Contact me today to schedule a 20 minute online presentation for eCapture.

David Farmer
c: 727.514.2097 |f: 813.254.2308 |LinkedIn | |1902 W. Kennedy Blvd. - Tampa, Fl 33606

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