Tuesday, May 19, 2009


(To those of you that have strict municipal restrictions regarding outdoor signage – in this week’s message, please disregard any reference to doing something you’re restricted from doing but please, consider what possibilities exist!)

We all drive through our communities and observe local businesses as we’re passing them. Some businesses make valiant efforts to make us turn our heads away from texting and eating our lunch while we’re driving. They posture great services and offers. Try to entice the dollars from our wallets. But what better offer than “Lifetime”? Lifetime Warranty, more than anything else is a “branding” message – getting the message out that you’re different to drive traffic; You’ve got an offer like no others. So the question is, “When potential new Customers drive by, Would They Know you have Lifetime Warranty?

One of our valued business partners, Kenny Thomas’ Olathe Toyota, is hamstrung by local municipality ordinances. Because they can’t “hang banners” on the building or light poles, they use a creative sign that is on a bumper hitch device they pop in and out of a Tundra hitch near the road. Below you’ll see some other examples for outdoor branding: The customer shuttle at Riley Toyota and a creative truck bed sign plus the light pole banner and bumper insert at Toyota of Greensburg. One of our great Lifetime partners, Toyota of Bowie, isn’t blocked by the local ordinances – it’s a Lifetime Warranty extravaganza on their lot! The light poles, on the building, the perimeter fence facing the highway, on the vehicles – you REALLY know they have it!

Recently we went to one of our partners and discovered Lifetime was such a great idea the Honda store next door implemented an inferior knock-off Lifetime program. Even though that program doesn’t hold a candle to the original, (Ours!) the Honda store DID have good branding representation on their inventory. Remember when we launched your dealership we gave you an initial supply of Lifetime Warranty vehicle window stickers. If you need to order and buy more, please contact me. Take a look from the outside in – drive by the store – walk the lot – Would you know?

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